PDA’s focus on customers, quality, evidence, and sustainability is critical for viable, competitive players in the healthcare industry. New and emerging technologies, sociodemographic population shifts, increased regulatory requirements, increasing uninsured populations, decreased reimbursements, and Healthcare Reform have changed the healthcare landscape drastically. Adapting to these changes requires strategic plans and tight timelines.

Take a problem and make it a feature, the PDA philosophy, often results in break through solutions with our customers ensuring capital expenditures and hours of work are being put to good use without fear of making costly mistakes.

For more than 30 years, PDA has built critical business models to assist clients with assessing, analyzing, streamlining, deciding and executing a course of action. Our consultants have multi-disciplinary experience in acute and chronic care, pharmaceutical, technology, equipment, and long-term care markets and work to keep clients on course with their goals and in control of their budgets.

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