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Take a Problem, and Make it a Feature

PDA was developed in 1979 as a partner to an architectural and planning firm, and organized to serve emerging rural economies and healthcare clients. Today, PDA serves a cross-section of the health care industry nationwide.

PDA Consultants | Heath Care Services for all Industries

Innovative and Adaptable

PDA’s clients achieve industry pioneering strategies with access to PDA’s trend watching.

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Certificate of Need Leader

PDA has submitted more than 350 CON applications exceeding $1 billion in project costs, and sustained an 87 percent approval rate.

Experienced Strategic Planners

For over 30 years, PDA has led organizations through the process of defining and continuously adjusting strategies.

PDA Consultants | Heath Care Services for all Industries

Take a Problem, Make it a Feature

Take a problem and make it a feature, the PDA philosophy, requires customer centric approaches and often produces break-through solutions.

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The Path to Excellence Starts Here

PDA business models put order to the task of assessing, analyzing, streamlining, deciding, and executing a course of action.

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