About PDA

“Take a problem and make it a feature.” – PDA Philosophy

PDA is a professional healthcare consulting firm. Developed by an architect/business planner team to support clients who were developing ambulatory and primary care services, the firm now covers most of the health care delivery spectrum and serves health systems, physicians, government, and corporations. PDA’s commitment to quality of care, ensuring sustainability, and adding value to the community helps clients prepare to meet the future needs of patients and other customers while reinforcing their viability. The PDA philosophy helps clients find breakthrough solutions.

PDA Culture 

PDA attracts individuals who want to improve health care and tackle the complex regulatory and reimbursement environment. 

PDA work is team-based and collaborative. In a world of “cubicle farms,” PDA is unique with its individual staff offices in a walk-up space with abundant natural lighting and openable windows that provide more than enough air changes and UV light. Shared screen conferencing and secure data exchange enable PDA to support in-person and virtual face-to-face work while in office. Employees communicate easily on the private intercom lines; in-office staff respond to all business-hour phone calls, and virtual meetings are available on-demand to staff and clients. Secure client portals provide accessible file sharing. PDA invests in technology and software platforms for mapping and visual display of data.

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