Emerging Trends

“Bending the curve” of healthcare costs before 2020 means changing while doing – turning delivery and process problems to features.

To address emerging trends, PDA offers tools for trustee education, process redesign and strategic business plans for the transitions. Elements of the PDA Toolkit include:

  • Acute care planning – medical, surgical, obstetrics and behavioral
  • Outpatient planning- Physician practices, ambulatory surgery facilities, imaging centers, oncology centers, specialty physician practices
  • Technology planning-MRI, CT, PET, Angiography, Autoanalyzers
  • Long-term care planning– skilled nursing facilities, adult care, continuing care communities, rehabilitation, home health, community living centers
  • Chronic care planning and management
  • Oncology planning
  • End of life care planning- inpatient and residential hospice, hospice home care, palliative care
  • Value proposition trend analysis, random behavior models
  • Geographic models and time lapse graphics
  • Preventive care planning– public health, community health workers, wellness centers
  • Primary care planning– clinics and physician offices, and Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities (IDTF)
  • Alternative medicine planning

Trends worth watching:

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