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PDA consultants help build viable, competitive providers. Fast-paced change requires sound adaptable strategic and master facility plans that often involve enormous capital expenditures and countless hours of work. Administrators can ill-afford mistakes. Drawn from hospital, clinic, and data analytics markets, PDA’s business and health care consultants continuously review critical changes in health care delivery to help keep our clients focused on operating success. Additionally, consultants maintain the PDA philosophy as a cornerstone of their work products. The philosophy, “Take a problem. Make it a feature,” promotes breakthrough thinking and results-oriented production.

Stay tuned to this page for opportunities to read about and engage in interactive discussion on the latest trends in health care with our consultants.

May 2020:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Cooper singed an amendment to the 2020 Need Determinations revising the Cerfiicate of Need Review Schedule. See the revised schedule here.

March 2020:

Coronovirus Infection Control for Health Care Facilities

Coronovirus is THE topic of conversation right now. We know it can be challenging to wade through all of the misinformation to get to that one nugget of solid, fact-based truth. Stay tuned to Coronovirus Infection Control page where we will provide links to reliable sources for you.

Input on Satisfaction with Palmetto GBA

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are requesting performance reviews of Medicare Administrative Contractor Palmetto GBA. See link to survey in the North Carolina Medical Society “Morning Rounds 3-9-20”.

August 2018:

New Report: Social Determinants – Key Local Drivers

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