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PDA consultants help build viable, competitive providers. Fast-paced change requires sound adaptable strategic and master facility plans that often involve enormous capital expenditures and countless hours of work. Administrators can ill-afford mistakes. Drawn from hospital, clinic, and data analytics markets, PDA’s business and health care consultants continuously review critical changes in health care delivery to help keep our clients focused on operating success. Additionally, consultants maintain the PDA philosophy as a cornerstone of their work products. The philosophy, “Take a problem. Make it a feature,” promotes breakthrough thinking and results-oriented production.

Stay tuned to this page for opportunities to read about and engage in interactive discussion on the latest trends in health care with our consultants.

August 2018:

CMS 855 – Pains and Solutions for a Banking Disaster

New Report: Social Determinants – Key Local Drivers

May 2015:

Ready or Not, Here We Go: MACRA’s Quality Payment Provisions

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